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Large Warehouse Distributor

Company Profile

  • Five + distribution warehouses in Ohio
  • All are own profit & loss centers
  • Telecom decisions made independently at each site by Operations Managers
  • No overall Strategic Telecom plan

Telecom Review

  • Audited all telecom services for each location
  • Determined existing contracts and commitments
  • Analyzed company’s need for growth & Put together strategic telecom plan for each center
  • Implemented plan over period of years to coordinate with endings of existing contracts
  • Continually monitored account to adjust telecom services to maximize savings


  • Consolidated telecom services to only a few vendors to improve customer service
  • Updated telecom products to maximize savings and improve efficiency
  • Reduced overall telecom costs and saved customer over $85,000.00 annually

Customer Comments
“Alpha Communication Technologies Inc. has saved us money as well as time and they continue to look at different venues to aid in our communication needs. We highly recommend their services."

Harry J. Vice President & General Manager

Medium sized Property Management Company

Company Profile

  • Manage 7+ residential properties in Greater Cleveland area
  • Multiple telecom vendors for each location
  • Headquarters using local exchange carrier with term plan
  • Satisfied with incumbent vendors

Telecom Review

  • Audited all telecom services for each location
  • Determined existing contracts and commitments
  • Found incumbent carrier not billing account correctly for almost three years
  • Submitted request for credit with documentation of incorrect billing to incumbent carrier


  • Combined long distance for each location on one carrier to take advantage of volume discounts
  • Received credit for customer of almost $10,000 for three years of incorrect billing
  • Established customer with incumbent carrier but on correct telecom product and monitored invoicing to insure billing was correct

Customer Comments
“You have not only saved us money, but you have educated us in the technical and reality of phone companies and systems. Your objectiveness and professionalism has made us feel comfortable in dealing with you.

In this competitive market it is good to know that you will first, look out for our best interest and secondly that you always do what you say you will do.”

Dick D. General Manager

Small Sized Martial Arts Studio

  • Company Profile
  • Single location
  • In business 5+ years
  • Using local telephone company
  • Moved to new location but was told by local telephone company that they could keep original telephone number
  • Was issued new telephone number after move
  • Was then told by local telephone company that they could no longer keep existing telephone number at new location

Telecom Review

  • Audited all telecom services for new location
  • Worked with customer and telephone company to call forward original telephone number on temporary basis to keep the number


  • Found new telephone vendor that would allow customer to use original telephone number and offer more features for less cost
  • Got telephone company to issue courtesy credit for first month due to inaccurate information

Customer Comments
“Alpha Communication was very helpful and professional in helping me with my change of business locations. I highly recommend Alpha Communication to any business owner.”

Raymond K. Chief Instructor


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