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We are satisfied with our current telephone vendors. Why should we review anything?
Many times telephone vendors can make errors in billing and you can end up paying far more that than you should. It is also necessary to review bills for Cramming. This is a practice that allows companies to add the cost of their services onto your local telephone bill. This is sometimes done without your permission or knowledge. You end up paying for the additional services often without realizing that these costs have been included.

We are moving to a new location. Why can’t we just call our current vendor to arrange the move?
Sometimes your current vendor cannot offer service in the new location. It is then up to you to determine the best choice. Without someone working on your behalf you may find that you did not allow enough lead time for new installs which could delay the move, or bought the wrong product and end up paying too much.

If we switch telephone companies won’t we have to change our telephone numbers?
No. That is not the case. You own your telephone numbers and you have the right to move them to other vendors. This includes your toll free numbers too.

Can’t we just rely on our local telephone company to provide our services? They have been there for years.
Of course, you can rely on whomever you wish. However the local telephone company is not the same company that has been there for years. Since the breakup of the Bell System, there are few telephone monopolies left. Therefore you have many choices when it comes to designing your telephone service. Telephone companies are in business to make a profit. Without a consultant working on your behalf, you can be sold more than you really need.

I am a smart businessperson. Why can’t I do this for myself?
You could. However with new product offerings and the constant changes and mergers in the industry, it is difficult to keep up. An industry expert is often needed to make certain you get the best services at the best price, all the time. The right choice for you today could be the worst choice for you in two or three years.

OK. So maybe I could use a Telecom Consultant. How much is that going to cost me?
With Alpha Communication Technologies Inc. we work on your behalf now and for as long as you remain a customer. Since the vendors that we recommend pay us for finding their customers, it costs you nothing. It is in our best interests to keep you satisfied because if you cancel we don’t get paid. In addition Alpha Communication Technologies offers any telecom services that you may need. With a list of over 25 different telephone vendors we can put together a telecom solution designed specifically for your needs.

So how do I get started?
Contact us. We will review your current telecom services, determine if there are any existing commitments, and review your options. We will ask about any planned moves and /or company growth, seasonal fluctuations or any other specific issues that could affect your telecommunication costs. We then put together a plan designed specifically for you. It will include recommended products and services, including the best companies from which to buy them. Also included is the all the paperwork needed to implement the recommended services. We then coordinate the install with the appropriate vendors, minimizing any inconvenience to you. After you are a customer of Alpha Communication Technologies Inc., we will continue to help you with any moves, additions or changes that make become necessary. All of this is offered at no cost to you.

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